5 Reasons to visit the Azores


5 reasons to visit the Azores

It’s hard to resume every good reason to visit the Azores into 5, but let’s try:

i) An archipelago of unsurpassed natural beauty.

Breathtaking landscapes, impressive flora, fascinating volcanic nature.

A lifetime in the Islands is not enough to see everything!

ii) An outdoor paradise for exciting adventure activities.

A world of top-class trails for hiking and cycling, enthralling underwater adventures, championship golf courses.

Hard to choose!

iii) Sustainable and respectful of nature and tradition.

National Geographic award-winning and UN Biosphere Reserves.

Well deserved awards!

iv) Two UNESCO world heritage sites.

Historical Centre of Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira Island) and the landscape of the Pico Vineyard Culture.

And you should try the wine and the traditional pastry!

v) Safe, welcoming and affordable.

Feel safe and comfortable where English is widely spoken.

Actually, the only danger you will find is on the roads it’s cows!


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