What to do with the volcanoes?


In the Azores there are 26 active volcanic systems, eight of which submarines.

We have always struggled with the use we would give to them! It is a bit boring too have them there just to shake us once in a while…

The Azorean are very creative and started to use them to cook.

Yes, cook!

Locals make a unique dish – Cozido das Furnas, in steaming holes, located in the volcanic Furnas Valley. You will find these holes and hot springs by the Furnas lakeshore.

This dish is prepared by lowering the pot in a hot spring heated by volcanic steam. The food cooks slowly – for about 6 hours – and the only liquid used is the juices from the ingredients.

The pots are full of layers of Pork, Beef, Cabbage, Kale, Carrots, Yam, Potatoes, Tarot, Chicken, Chouriço and Blood Sausage.


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