Azorean humanist Gaspar Frutuoso


Saudades da Terra is a manuscript that was published by father Gaspar Frutuoso. It forms a reference work on the knowledge of Macaronesia in the late 16th century.

Gaspar Frutuoso_Ribeira Grande_Açores Gaspar Frutuoso statue at Ribeira Grande

The manuscript was written between 1586 and 1590, divided into two volumes, based on the author’s observations which makes a detailed description of the archipelagos of the AzoresMadeira and the Canary Islands. It also has multiple references to Cape Verde and other Atlantic regions.


It finishes a most important repository of information about geography, history, life usage of clothes, genealogy, toponym, fauna and flora of the mid-Atlantic archipelago before the 17th century, in which closes by the author with a personality of a Renaissance typical humanist: encyclopedic, literary, artistic and music, observed natural phenomenon, pre-occupied with alchemic experimentations and speculating inside the dominions of geology, biology, mineralogy and petrography.


The book contains each of…

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