About the Azores pineapple – part II

The pineapple of the Azores is cultivated inside glass greenhouses, where the perfect temperatures and humidity levels are kept at an ideal level.

But the cultivation of the pineapple at the Azores has two big secrets!

pineapple plantation



The first secret is the denominated “hot beds“. They are made from a vegetal organic material, which releases heat and nutrients for the plant growth.

After the “hot beds” are made, the young plants are then transplanted to the greenhouses (50 cm apart) and watered until the maturation stage, during the first two weeks the irrigation is daily.


Cama Quente do Ananás
Picture was taken by João Freitas



The second secret is the “smoking” the ananas plants inside the greenhouse.

It was discovered by chance and it is used to make the ANANAS plants bloom all at the same time since it activates the plant predisposal to survive.


Smoking the pineapple greenhouse
Picture was taken by João Freitas


It has an enormous economic value because it allows controlling the production according to the market needs.

The period of cultivation of the pineapple since the planting of the shoots in small greenhouses, its transplantation to the greenhouse, and to the harvest takes about a year and a half.



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