Azores footpaths’ network

In the Azores there is a network of footpaths that have been restored and made accessible to enjoy the landscape of the Azores. Each of these footpaths goes through exceptionally beautiful areas, linking almost all the islands, both along the coastlines and in the uplands.

The Walking Trails in the Azores is a Network of Walking Trails classified by the Regional Government of the Azores.

There are Small Routes (PR) routes and the Big Routes (GR). The PR vary from 2 km to 22 km and the GR 36 km up to 78 km.

The best thing after doing the Azorean trails is to take a swim. It can be under a waterfall, in the sea or in a lake, but the experience is always good!



4 thoughts on “Azores footpaths’ network

  1. When we were in the Azores on 2-13 and then in 1015, we found it very difficult to get maps and/or guides for footpaths . Tourist Information certainly didn’t have any, nor did our hotels. Do you know where we can get footpath information for our next trip?

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